pigment pastes

Pigment pastes are colors in liquid form obtained by dispersing powdered pigments in a grinding vehicle and are used to color resins. italbeit has been producing high quality pigment pastes for over 60 years and is known worldwide as a quality leader in this sector. Our pigment pastes are formulated with highly selected and absolutely non-toxic pigments and grinding vehicles chosen for their compatibility and wettability characteristics and for their performance. Each series is available in a wide range of colors and a tinting system has been developed for each of them. Italbeit colourists are at your service for any need to tint new colors or to advise you on the correct amount of pigment paste to use.
paste pigmento

100% solid series for polyester

100% solid series for bio-component systems

Zero VOC series for waterborne systems

Pearlescent pigment pastes

100% solid series for thermosetting systems

Solvent series for wood and industry

Fluorescent Pigment Pastes

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