Tintobeit 0

What is Tintobeit 0?

The TINTOBEIT 0 series is made up of highly concentrated pigment pastes formulated for coloring all water-based systems, regardless of their field of application (construction, industry, coating, etc). The guiding principles that inspired the formulation can be summarized as follows:


The high concentration of the pastes allows minimum dosages and therefore less invasiveness on the chemical-physical characteristics of the finished formulation.
Each batch is subjected to extensive and demanding testing to verify compliance with the specifications, in particular “delta E” and coloring power. The pigments used have been tested and selected through continuous and in-depth research to guarantee excellent wettability and grindability characteristics, as well as high stability and solidity characteristics. Another discriminating element in the selection of pigments is their safety profile. This philosophy has led to the complete elimination of pigments containing lead salts and heavy metals. With our tintometric system it is possible to reproduce almost all the chromatic shades, transparent or opaque, for interiors and exteriors. We are therefore able to supply pastes already in colour, or the single bases and the relative tinting software.