What is self-extinguishing gel coat?

Series of gel coats formulated following the development of increasingly restrictive fire resistance standards which tend to eliminate or reduce the development of toxic gases and black fumes. Questa serie inoltre mantiene inalterate nel tempo le proprie caratteristiche di autoestinguenza.
When laminated with our self-extinguishing resin code 7R704FR they fall under the following classifications:

They are also suitable for use in products that are used outdoors even if, after prolonged exposure to the elements, they may have a uniformly opaque and satiny surface.
Given their characteristics, they are mainly used in the transport and furniture sector. They are also available in all color palettes.

Application features

For the application it is recommended to check the temperature of the product, the molds and the environment, which must be between 18°C ​​and 25°C. The product is supplied already accelerated and must be catalysed with the traditional MEKP at a rate of 1.5% – 2%. The thickness of the wet gel coat film must be, depending on the mold and the application method, approximately 0.4 – 0.5 mm, which is equivalent to an amount of product between approximately 600 and 800 g/m².
In the case of “airless” or similar systems, we recommend the correct setup of the system (nozzle and pressure). If further dilution should be necessary for its application, the type and quantity of thinner can vary according to the specific needs of the customer. In any case, styrene or acetone in addition worsen the self-extinguishing characteristics of the product. Our technicians are at your disposal for precise indications in this sense.