What is Granibeit Gel Coat?

Series of gel coats exclusively based on iso npg designed to replicate the aesthetic effect of marble or grit surfaces. The available patterns are shown in the color chart. They are generally used in the sanitary sector and synthetic surfaces and in all applications where an aesthetic result with a certain effect is required.
In order to create a protective coating, which gives the possibility of intervening on the surface of the product to polish it, eliminate small scratches or other, but above all to guarantee a good resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents in general, it is advisable to spray a layer of 300 /400 µ of clear UV stabilized Iso Npg gel coat, code 115098PT. Furthermore, to bring out the brilliance of the gel coat and ensure good coverage, it is recommended to layer the gel coat with a pigmented resin with 5% white body, code 90731R, or other colors for special effects.

Application features

Granibeit can only be applied by spray with a gravity airbrush with a 4/5 mm diameter nozzle, at a pressure of 3/4 bar, blending heavily until a thickness of 350/450 microns is reached. Application by roller or brush, or with airless systems, is not possible.
For the application it is recommended to check the temperature of the product, the molds and the environment, which must be between 18°C ​​and 25°C. The product is supplied already accelerated and must be catalysed with the traditional MEKP at a rate of 1.5% – 2.5%.
If further dilution should be necessary for its application, the type and quantity of thinner can vary according to the specific needs of the customer. In any case, our technicians are at your disposal for precise indications in this sense.